Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little smile for you today!

Unrepaired rip in lanai screen=4 baby wrens

We've had a front row seat from my kitchen window and also from our family room watching Mama and Papa wren build the nest. It was a perfect spot, the nest is protected by an impervious roof over the potted plant they selected, and there was even nesting material nearby from my wreath which provided dried moss; it hangs about 3 ft. away on the wall.

There were 4 eggs and I think there are 4 chicks.....they are so tucked into the nest it's difficult to tell so far.  Mama and Papa hop in all day long to keep them fed.

The breach, I had to convince Rob to leave the torn out section for a little while

Nesting material provided, no charge, by innkeeper

View from my kitchen window
View from the family room door
Just a couple of days old
1 week old today


ArtSnark said...

too cool!

QueenBe said...

It's always so much fun to be witness to, and stand guard over, a nest full of eggs and baby birds. Even if it means a little inconvenience to us because of where the parents choose to raise them!

whyte said...

It's been fun to watch them, I hope we survive flight school! :)

Dezinaworld said...

Ohh how wonderful. such a lovely thing to see
Hugs June x

Stampindamour said...

Oh, these are adorable!!! ♥

-pamela :)

althena12/ ldphotography said...

Love your blog...thanks for commenting on my feature in Creative Wishes, you are kind. Linda