Monday, January 2, 2012

To Tone Down Gloss

Do you have a same aversion to glossy papers that I have?  On their own I truly love glossy papers, but I don't like how they work in most of my mixed media projects.  Sanding takes away a lot of the gloss, and sometimes that is the look I like. Other times it's too distressed and leaves tell-tale trails I don't care for.  All the small paper bits used in these tags are upcycled from papers destined for the trash can.

White paint or gesso is a great "de-glosser".  Yesterday, my usual worktable clean up involved using leftover papers and objects to create my fav mixed media past-time, tags.  Of course, and always, using manila folders tossed at the office, I hand punched the tag shape, then using glue stick, covered over a dozen with some leftover wrapping paper from Christmas morning. 

Dabble some white acrylic paint (cheap is good) or gesso onto your improvised acetate palette (from blister wrap of course) and use your finger to dap and spread out the paint or gesso on each tag until you get the look you like.  I prefer to use a light finger and not to cover the entire tag.  Let dry and you are left with muted, flat colors like I love.

                              Can you spot the tag with the original paper?

I finished these out by adding glittered green stars created from building up layers of a freebie blotter board-like paper my sis saves for me. I'd not found a good use for it because it is very very absorbent, reminds me of the old blotters we used when writing with a fountain pen in the "old days".......some of you prolly don't have a clue what I'm talking about.  An odd piece gets stuck among some really great mat board she gives me, and being a hoarder, I saved it even tho I didn't care for it.  But one experimental day I realized it makes a great built up embellishment.  If I punch a star from paper or cardstock, I punch 2 more from this board and quickly and painlessly glue all 3 together to create a great 3-D embellishment.

These tags are finished of with a crackle rubber stamp randomly placed, and metallic copper ink glazes the edges. The green stars were covered with green Stickles glitter glue; now we need some holes punched and some ties...........and I have a start to next Christmas in my etsy shop, whyte


Kathy said...

Good tips Pat...and cute tags too.

ArtSnark said...

cool - thanx for sharing!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, that's fabulous!!! And I LOVE your tags!!! So glad we found each other's blogs and when I went to become a follower, I already was one!

Happy New Year!!!

whyte said...

Thank you ladies! I love simple tricks to repurpose and recycle paper into something useful! Cindy, I enjoy your blog! I miss blog hopping and can't wait to read your blogging tips.........oh for time, time, time. Happy New Year!

Dorthe said...

Pat, they are gorgeous, I love the crackle stamp---looks fabolous,
HAPPY New Year to you and yours, from Dorthe

Chrisy said...

It's so inspiring here at your place...and I can feel your love of 'playin' with art shining through...

Jill ~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Good Morning Pat
I Love your Vision of Repurposing the Discarded. It opens you up to so many Possibilities doesn't it! I am so Happy we Found Each other and Thank You for Your Visit and Kind Comments!
Have a Wonderful Sunday!

whyte said...

Happy New Year, Dorthe! Thank you for stopping in, I "see" you everywhere I go, doll lady and creator of joy!

Chrisy, my art fun comes from experimenting, I love to play.

Jill, so glad to stopped over, I love your blog and so excited to have you a part of the PaperWhimsy artistas!! Your work is devine!