Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Mission - Dejunk this Living Space

10 or more blank journals/notebooks sitting around house

A gazillion "notes to self", tips and techniques, write-in-down so I don't forget how-to, important information I have to have forever...all over...desktop, studio worktable, stuck on mirrors, on the nightstand, refrigerator, in my purse, desktop, email

Togetherness is a lovely thing!


Wax Beach Artist said...

Is that a vintage image perhaps? I love it and would like to use it myself. As far as the journals, I would love to see them when they are completed. Best to jump on them now while they are fresh on your mind. Connie:)

ArtSnark said...

I'm always finding crazy "important" scribbles around the house. ( The worst part is my writing is so messy I usually cant even read them)

I hope the purge is going well!

whyte said...

LOL, Stacey.....I know, that handwriting photo was created in PSE and I can read it better than my own! Connie, I sent you an email with attachments of the vintage covers and a link for a great source for more on flickr.

Suz said...

I get it. I just wish I could find my ten blank journals that are lying around the house!
How are you doing my friend? I am always so happy to see your posts!!!