Saturday, April 16, 2011

New digitally altered ACEO

Just listed in my etsy shop Whyte and also my April challenge piece for the Melange Blog The challenge this month is "Umbrella".

This ACEO was created in Photoshop Elements using 5 layers, then I added vintage papers, distressed foil (my favorite Dove candy wrappers to add a little repurposed trash to my work) acrylics and inks.

This little lady has been a favorite to use in my mixed media artwork, either digitally altered or just cut out and used in a collage.

If you love mixed media, feel free to join our montly Melange challenge.  Nancy Lefko gives us a word prompt on the first of each month, you do not have to be a member of etsy's Melange Team to participate.


Kathy said... are so talented at this my friend. This is truly beautiful... I miss chatting with you! xo

Dorthe said...

How beautiful-I so love the background,you made here, and the use of the distressed foil- looks wonderful.
Wish you a happy sunday,dear.

whyte said...

Kathy, I will be free mornings again during the summer, no babysitting, so will have time to keep up with our chats. Miss chatting with you too!

whyte said...

Dorthe, you are so loyal to my much neglected blog...hugs to you!! Thank you for stopping by again, and for your lovely comments!

Laurel said...

Lovely work! The combination of elements in the background is really beautiful!

ArtSnark said...

what fun! Love the flower frog displays too. Thanks for popping by Friday with your kind comments.

Susan's class was great. Easy to follow & she had pdf printouts of everything. Already I'd forgotten some basic bits & was really glad to have them to refer to. I have the latest book too & have only glanced at it. I figured if I spent the $ on a class then I'd have to follow through - haha

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is gorgeous! I also love how you have it displayed in the florist frog! :)

whyte said...

I'm very partial to my vintage flower frogs, have a collection of 5 or 6, then decided I should stop at that or would have them everywhere. They do make wonderful ACEO props and displays.