Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cool Freebie for You! HUGS!

Had to share this link Freebie Hugs Cards I sign a lot of my emails with {{{hugs}}} so loved this from Diane English's Happy Ass Cards website. Look at left sidebar, Free Stuff, Hug Coupon. I printed out a set this morning.

I ran into Diane's cards years ago. I was in the Outer Banks and found several of her cards in an art gallery whose name escapes me at the moment. I bought prolly 8-10 and slowly shared them with special people at birthdays, tough moments, happy moments, etc. And I clung to one or two of my very favorites out of fear of never seeing or having one in my possession again. So was I was pretty happy-fannied (being polite for my sensitive friends) to run into her on Facebook a few weeks ago. I've had to abandon FB lots due to lack of time, but ran into her again this morning when I paid a short visit......short turned into a couple of hours later, but always find such good things there.

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Suz said...

Thanks, Pat. I love freebies! Those are very cute and very, "you."
Hugs ;-)