Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last day of Silver Bella 2010

Angie and I in Kaari Meng's Josephine's Jewels bracelet class
We started off Saturday with jewelry.  I swore I'd never take a jewelry class because I already knew the potential to get hooked (or clasped as I recently joked)  Oh dear, it took all of 30 seconds into the class to be passionate about this craft and art!  Sigh, right before Christmas, visions of sugar-sweet pendants dancing in my head!  As a side note, you can see I'm wearing the pink pendant my new friend Suz gave me as a thank for for making some Moo-type cards for her. It's a bella crown charm against a background of sparkly pink and I absolutely adore it (and Suz!)  Suz, arrived home from Silver Bella to a seriously ill husband; she has many friends praying for strength and his healing, and not a day goes by when I don't think of my new friend's life that turned in an instant.  Sending you huge hugs and prayers, Suz and family.

Kaari was just the best, she's a very hands-on and demonstrative teacher, made it easy and understandable for a nuB like me
Kaari Meng

I guess there is going to have to be a 4th Silver Bella entry so I can show you the things we created.  That is..... when I get them finished, and that will prolly be into next year. I know it's just not fair to talk about these wonderful classes and not share all the results.  Some of the photos are from others' finished projects so at least you'll get an idea.

Oh Tannenbaum, this class was taught by Kerry Lynn Yeary, and what a wild table we had!
Table sisters
The second class for the day, Angie and I split up.  She wanted to take the Tea Cup Fairy and I thought the Oh Tannenbaum was up my alley; these two photos are of my table mates, they were a fun and wild crazy group of gals!  The lady in the blue vest is Wanda Clark, the sponsor of the Tiny Vintage Tag swap in which Angie and I participated. Wanda has an etsy shop, The Rat's Pajamas, temporarily closed to catch up with life and to move from Ft. Benning to the next military town. Her blog keeps me up to date with her. I have to take photos of the tiny tags, Wanda went all out, wrapping the  vintage trim around small shipping tags covered with vintage paper. I can see I'll just have to come back and add photos, the holiday season is cutting in on my free time to photograph and blog.

Some Bella tea cup Fairies

The name tag gives away the artist for this tea cup fairy, Karla Nathan!
Instructor Lisa Kaus

One of our Bella table mates for The Secret Inside the Bottle class taught by Lisa, do you recognize that beautiful person to my left?
The last class (I was becoming a little poopy at this point because the end of this year's Silver Bella is only a few hours away) was taught by Lisa Kaus, a favorite mixed media artist of mine.  But guess who was sitting at our table?!!  Jenny Doh!  Finally and excitedly,  I was honored and thrilled to meet the author of Crescendoh Jenny Doh!!!  Who in the world of mixed media art publications doesn't know Jenny!  Jenny is as gracious and kind as her web site, Crescendoh, projects!  A true lady!

And in Lisa's class I was able to try a new medium, Caron D'Ache watercolor crayons.  Everything I'd heard about the flexibility and fun using them was absolutely true, I had so much fun playing with them that I forgot the intent to finish my piece!  Lisa had tons of Caron's in the middle of every table for us to use.  Thank you Lisa!!  Great class!

Ah, but all good things eventually end, and so did Silver Bella 2010, with our closing dinner Saturday night.  Jenny was our featured speaker, her web site cause is "Art Saves" and she shared stories about how people overcame tough times in their lives and how art and creating were instrumental in that journey and how we all share the same need to create.  I know times have been a challenge for Rob and I, our entire business has all but come to a complete halt.  We were fortunate in many ways to be able to manage.  As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens.  Well, the art door opened back up for me.  I've always created, my family can attest to that with all the things they've received as gifts over many years.......I look back on some of them (remember those rose burlap covered tiny glass jars Angie?  The ones I said several years ago, "OMG, those were so tacky, you still have those??? " LOL!)  With all the free time I had while trying to find employment, I rediscovered creating, discovered etsy, discovered mixed media and photoshop digital art, and continued my favorites, sewing and crocheting (and some old favorites like cross stitch and quilting that I love but just flat can't work into the program right now)  Because funds were tight, mixed media and using what I had on hand has been a fit like a glove for me.....I turned the 3rd bedroom/sewing room into a studio and never looked back.  It's been such a joy to me and I'm having a great time in a tough time, which is now improving I'm happy to report!

Our table centerpiece for the Finale Dinner

Saying goodbye to newly made friends was tough, thank goodness for blogs and email!

My new artsy friend Suz, of Katsui Jewelry
Lulu Kellog decked out for the evening, her Bella room mate made the paper boutonniere, isn't it awesome!!

Look at Lulu's paper boutonniere; she had more than one that she wore during the Silver Bella weekend, made by her Bella room mate.Did I remember her room mate's name?, nopie, so bad I am, but she was sooooooo talented and so full of laughter and energy, very addictive and fun to be with.  So glad she and Lulu shared our last night's table for dinner.

My wonderful daughter, my friend, my spirit, my artsy cohort, my delight, my love
And so...... thank you Angie!  You are such a caring and thoughtful daughter. You know my love of art and fun, you took time out of your busy schedule to meet me in Omaha, you gave this gift to me that I will always other special moments we've shared together.  I wish you happiness and love, I hope life gives you back what you give to others, you are a remarkable person and I am so proud of you!  Love you.....


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Pat, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us. Angie, you really are a special young woman to create such a fantastic memory for your lovely mom! I love the pictures of you together and the one with Jenny Doh! How cool is that! She just has the look of a sweet person.

Kathy said...

First of all, how cute are you in that 1st photo?
I hope your friend Suz and her husband are doing better, sending prayers.
Oh the wonderment (is that a word?) I love the teacup fairies. I would have loved to be sitting there too. The ladies all look like a fun group of girls, lucky duck Pat…..
Oh, you had the best time, what a lovely post and photos to go with it. So nice to “meet” your daughter as well. So happy for you my sweet friend Pat….this post made my day, xo

Linda said...

Oh, I just love your newest blog about SB. And you said you have one more to show your creations. Great! I love the teacup fairies. And it was wonderful to see pictures that included you. Now I have a face to put with the name. All the best to you and your wonderful daughter.

Degi said...

This looks like so much fun,and you had the blessing of doing it with your daughter.

Hope said...

What neat projects....I am so missing my silver bella friends. Hoping you have the merriest of Christmas'!