Sunday, November 21, 2010

Silver Bella 2010! Incredible, Fabulous, Magnificent, Awesome

Our invitation to the opening night dinner/workshop

I already know I'm going back next year!  Teresa McFayden (click to go to Teresa's blog for her numerous entries and photos from Silver Bella 2010) has offered this wonderful gathering of Bellas for 5 years now; it is an awesome event that brings together women (and I did see one man) for a weekend of art, sharing, fun, shopping  and silliness.  My loving, wonderful daughter, Angie, presented me with this fabulous opportunity as a gift, we met up in Chicago and continued on to Omaha last weekend.  We registered back in the Spring, signing up for 5 workshops over 2 days.  Jenny Doh was the keynote speaker for the closing event dinner on Saturday night.  The event was just beyond beyond.  I don't think one blog post will do it, not to mention it's just a few days before Thanksgiving... so I think maybe it will take several entries to cover details.

Table centerpieces opening night

The opening event in the Embassy Suite Hotel, Omaha

The Embassy Suites Hotel was perfect for the event, the staff was uber cordial and helpful through out the entire weekend.  I'm not sure who catered the evening buffet, but it was the best, Angie and I never made it to the main course, the appetizers and salads were to die for.  The rooms were immaculate, comfortable and we had a separate kitchenette and living/dining area.  A complimentary breakfast was included and it was not your typical "continental" style.  Nothing was lacking, including a made-to-order-for-you omelette bar.

The view from our room landing

Immediately after the dinner and a welcome from Teresa, everyone at the tables opened the white boxes to get our workshop project.  There were several small prints of b/w vintage photos we glued to chipboard and added.........glitter........lots of glitter.......huge amounts of glitter!!!  Silver Bella is about glitter, ruffles, lace, vintage, art and women.

Not sure what Angie found funny with the board, more likely the crazy gals at our table!

Glitter is queen at Silver Bella

The photo above is from our instruction card in our kits. I did not finish my project during the time allotted.  Anyone who knows me understands.  It takes me 2 weeks to finish a 2.5" by 3.5" ACEO, for crying out loud.  And I used the backside of the background paper, black with white polka dots, 'cause I'm a polka dot kinda gal.  In fact, I won't be able to share any of my personal workshop projects.  I did not finish anything during a 2.5 hour class, but most did didn't matter, the "ART SISTER" tag at the top of the  project is all about Silver Bella.  The projects were just a small part of the workshops.  Meeting women with common interests from all over the USA was the best part of Silver Bella.  The workshops and instructors were grand, you betcha, but the enthusiasm and excitement during the weekend were contagious.  

Meet Robin and Roxie, real sisters in life

Now, Robin and Roxie the tat sisters, were a hoot.  This was their first year at Silver Bella (like Angie and me) and where Angie and I went out and added a little to our art stash, Robin and Roxie went out and got tats.  Outside of the instructors we all know so well through the mixed media and art world and publications, Robin and Roxie were probably the most photographed Bellas for the weekend.  Wonderful gals, we had a blast whenever in their presence.

Our table at Opening Night

After the workshop, the Bellas who participated in swaps met to exchange their art.  I wished we'd stayed late, the swaps went on up to midnight, I understand we missed the most magnificent, a crown swap and bling bracelets.  I'll have to find a link with some photos to both...... can only tell you "magnificent" is not descriptive enough!

Next entry I'll introduce you to the workshops and instructors.


ArtSnark said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Pat

Wax Beach Artist said...

Nice to hear you had such a great time!

yoborobo said...

I keep hearing about this on several blogs. Maybe I'll have to get over my 'shy' and go next year. Looks like a grand time! xo Pam

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I'm so glad it was a great experience for you, Pat, and to be able to share it with your daughter, too!

Laurel said...

Sounds like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! I'm looking forward to reading the next part. Glad you had such a good time! :)

Katsui Jewelry said...

Incredible...what a good job of telling about the first night, Pat! I love it!


sounds glad you had such a good time and to share with your daughter...priceless!!

whyte said...

How wonderful it would be to meet my artsy and etsy friends in person there next year. Suz, it was so wonderful to meet you after some Bella forum are a remarkable woman and I feel so fortunate our paths have crossed.

Linda said...

Silver Bella sounds so wonderful. I love what you wrote about it, and the pics were great. I really look forward to the next installment.

Jessie said...

Yes, tell us more, more, more!!!! Wouldn't it just be a blast for a bunch of us to do this together next year?