Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our fantastic Silver Bella 2010 Classes

Angie's WIP for Project Runway

Our first class on Friday was taught by Colette Copeland, Project Runway.  Colette is delightful!  She of course, made an adorable protégé to follow, the dresses line up across a "clothesline" created from strong twine....the possibilities for a banner are limitless, depending on how many dresses you wish to add.  Although Colette provided awesome trims, we were encouraged to bring our own as well, to personalize our kits.  Well, she-who-loves-to-print-inkjet-images-on-muslin-in-the-middle-of-the-night-while-hubby-is-sleeping-in-case-said-she-screws-up-his-HP-printer had a fab time the few days before we left for Omaha.  I did several vintage clip art images and vintage photos of family.  Both Angie and I centered our themes on the photos.  Neither of us finished, but we will.

Angie and I creating
Kyra is an attorney when not creating. She learned the technique of French knots from Colette that morning
It was fun walking around the different tables looking at the different interpretations of Project Runway
OMG, look at the ruffles, too cute!
My new friend, Suz, check out her to-love apron!
Before an during the actual event, one of the hardest and most dedicated workers for Silver Bella 2010 was Heather Ales  Heather, among other things, ran a Bella blog for several months where the attendees could meet, chat, share our personal blogs, sign up with "big sisters" who'd attended Silver Bella in past years, and ask tons of questions. I met Suz one night in a Bella live chat.  The subject of Moo cards came up (Moo cards were everywhere at SB 2010) and I'd just finished making Moo-type cards for my 3 etsy shops.  Suz and I connected and I made some Moo-type cards for her using the banner from her blog, similar to the one in her etsy shop, Etsy shop, Katsui  Suz is a repeat Bella, having attended in past years.  My hope is that we will stay in touch often through email, she is a very special lady!
In between classes on Friday, Angie and I stepped out the front door of the Emabassy Suites, turned left and walked right to the Old Market section of downtown Omaha.  Fabulous eateries, shops and the antique store of all antique stores (IMHO) Second Chance.  We could have spent all day there. I bought several sheets of vintage music and my prize was a packet of vintage travel photos of Paris. And at this moment I can't find them because I've not worked in my studio since I've been back from Omaha......'nother blog post, I guess.
Our WIP "She Ornaments"

Our second Friday class was taught by Beth Quinn, The She Ornament.  We used lots of glitter to cover a wire dress form, then tied on beaucoup vintage trims, both supplied in the class and our own. If we envied a piece belonging to another Bella, one just had to envy a little out loud and one would become the proud owner......the sharing and camaraderie at Silver Bella is outstanding.  This class was my first opportunity using Glossy Accents/Diamond Glaze, real glass glitter and mica flakes......I'm totally sold on using all!!  Both Angie and I have quite a bit to do on our ornaments, but this will be one of the first ones I complete..there might be some of these in some Christmas stockings if I'm really diligent......notice I didn't say "this year".
Our invitation to Friday night's Hats on Parade
Friday night was Over The Top!  The theme was Hats on Parade and we delighted in the opportunity to wear vintage hats which Angie brought with her to Omaha.  Our hats had been purchased at my Aunt Betty's farm auction a few years ago, they will be family heirlooms. Bellas, Angie and Pat, in their vintage hats


At 6:30 the doors to largest of the hotel conference rooms opened to a reception and a fantastic vendor night.  I had to take a deep breath every time I moved to a vendor's booth, the items were lushious and my wallet light.  I bought some vintage metal numbers, a cottage felt ornament kit from Charlotte Lyons,  a vintage handmade necklace similar to this from Beth Quinn's booth ( daughter Angie was one of the lucky recipients in Beth's class to win one of her drop fall necklaces )and Angie did a lot of Christmas shopping at Beth's booth!
Ephemera, swoon and sigh!
Beth Quinn's jewelry designs
Some of the ladies were incredibly outfitted, oh.... but if you could have seen the entire group.  I was so busy shopping that I missed some great photo ops but I didn't miss these ladies
Lulu Kellog
Mystery Bella, I'm sorry I didn't get her name, and the photo of her shoes did not come out, she glued 100's of white pearlized buttons on her white high heels, magnificent!!
 And as if the magic vintage Bella fairies wanted to cap off a magnificent evening, they did.... it was snowing outside.....snowing was an understatement when you live in Florida.  I hadn't seen snow like this since in the late '70's when we lived in Kentucky.  It was coming down in huge flakes, so heavy you couldn't see across the street at times. Absolutely beautiful!  6 inches we heard the next morning.
Looking out the side door of the Embassy Suite Hotel Omaha

 A perfect day, a perfect night, a perfect event.  I still have more photos so that means another blog entry to come.....our last day.


Ann Mackay said...

Great classes AND great shopping - no wonder you had such a good time! (And I'm more than a little jealous, hehe!) Glad you had such a good time. :)

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,-- uuuhhhhhh you had a gorgeus time- must be such fantastic experience, with all the wonderfull friends-new and old, and all the beautifull art being made---how I would love once to be in the middle of something like Bella...

Hugs, Dorthe

Laurel said...

It looks like a wonderful time! The hats are sooo cute and the shopping looks so tempting!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Such wonderful pictures except the one of me. have my big mouth open!!! Wasn't it just a wonderful time? I am so glad I got to know you. Who would know that Moo Cards would bring us together?

Big hugs, dear Pat!

Jessie said...

Such a magical event! The photos are just mesmerizing! I especially love the "world of pink"! I LOVE your ornaments! Those are going to be the best stocking stuffers ever!!

Linda said...

I love your blog about Silver Bella. You did a great job of creating an overview, with specific lovely examples to add to the flavor of the experience. I would love to go next year. And the photos were incredible.

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Pat, this just looks like so much fun! Time spent with like-minded souls is a perfect getaway. Thanks for sharing your experience.