Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Shaker Tags from Envelopes

I didn't think (surprise surprise) to do enough photos to turn this into a tutorial, but since these are easy to make, a couple close ups should do it.
Start with standard 2.25x4.75 manila shipping tags, use one tag as a template.  Gather all those bill paying envelopes that you normally toss, both the ones mailed to you and the return envelope, and cut out as many of the geometric paper tags as you want to create.  Using the glassine window part of the envelopes, cut out the same number of shapes, centering the glassine window in the middle of the template.  I used several patterns and liked using a different pattern as the base from the pattern on the glassine window piece.

Glue the 1st solid pieces of paper onto one side of the shipping tags using a glue stick.  Run the glue stick around the 2 sides and bottom of the glassine piece of paper, you just want to keep the glue around the edges.......don't glue the top shut.  Glue the top glassine piece to the shipping tag, pressing edges well and allow to glue to dry well. Using a small round hand punch, punch a hole through the papers in the same place the shipping tag hole is located.  The backs of the tags are left plain for adding your greetings, a name or journal notes.

Punch out Halloween shapes using a hand punch or a die cut machine.  At the top of the glassine pocket you've left open, slip several of the shapes into the now created acetate pocket on the tag.  Use a toothpick or paper clip to arrange them a bit so they all don't all bunch up too much.  

Age the edges of the tags with black Staz-on ink will need the Staz-on to adhere to the glassine.

Tie a bow from Halloween themed ribbon and glue (E6000 works great, just don't breath the fumes) just below hole on shipping tag, add twine or cord and you have some great, upcycled repurposed tags to use as party favors, give as gifts, hang on a back pack or use as gift tags.


Indira said...

This is so creative and green. Thanks for sharing this neat idea. I will never look at those envelopes in the same way again.

Laurel said...

Very clever!! I'm definitely going to try this!

ArtSnark said...

what a cute idea! you should send to that green mag that Stampington puts out

whyte said...

I love making fun out of recyclables!