Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Journal Page Finally

Ok, now I get itMixed media artists all know how hot  art journaling is today.  It's been on my list of 1000 things to do before I die, I wanted it moved high on the list but it kept staying down in the "cool" temp zone.

I was intimidated and I wasn't sure why....I'm not the intimated-type gal at all.  So yesterday I decided to buy a blank journal. I couldn't.... because I was afraid of ruining a page in this gorgeous new thing. I know they can be torn out, but I couldn't get passed that.

My sis sends me these wonderful mattboard weight packaging sheets, they are pristine white and textured
and make wonderful substrate.  I used gel medium to cover with white pages out of a phone book, gessoed, painted with acrylic, then started grabbing left over pieces from my worktable.  The lady peeking through was my experiment with an inkjet transfer using an acrylic report cover (that experiment is not ready for sharing yet) The rest are papers left from other projects or my tags.  When I work, I keep a stash of blank, hand punched tags within a flea's butt reach of my hands. Nothing gets wasted in my studio.  I dip into leftover acrylic paints, inks, glue teeny scraps of papers and tissues, glitter, pearl name it, nothing useful gets tossed.  The tags become future canvases.

The good thing for me about this type of journal page is it's free of binding until I create one, just punched holes with binder rings, KISS.  Until I get over this intimidation of arting in a new journal, this can be a keeper or a piece of guerrilla art on which I write HAVE A NICE DAY and share. (guerrilla art is on my list of 1000 things too!)

Thanks Pam Carriker Nancy Lefko , and Jodi Ohl for inspiration and tips on journaling and prepping journal pages.  And now I get it, it's not just for reflective thoughts, your journal page is your sandbox.  You can do anything you want, this is the ultimate testing ground to see what new and/or old art materials can do dancing together on paper.  My almost dried-up watercolor markers that haven't seen the light of day for several years work awesome filling in those little dry brush spaces left between the acrylic. 

Oh boy, now it's time to brush up my rusty drawing skills.  This sandbox is going to be I get it!


ArtSnark said...

looking good! Have fun, Pat :D

Maureen said...

Pretty page!

Indira said...

Very nice, Pat and now you are inspiring me too :)


great job, so right for summer. You writing very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, CarolF:)