Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapeau anyone? Here's some free images for you!

Th Melange Team of Mixed Media Artists July challenge is "chapeau". I love hats!!  Here's some photos for you to modify or not and use for the challenge or other artistic endeavors, if you'd like.

The photos are from my "hats" collection, originals purchased at antique shows.  The valentine is a family momento, sent to my Great Aunt Viola on February 13, 1916.  My Aunt Viola never married and the post card is unsigned......I love letting my imagination work on that one! And the photo to Garald is not a typo, the back is handwritten To Garald with an "a".

300 dpi, large jpg files, click on photo to copy for best results, feel free to use in your art for yourself or to create artwork and sell.  Please do not use the photo images alone for profit, as in a collage sheet.



    To Garald from Mother Age 40

   Viola's Valentine 1916


Jessie said...

These are some beauties! Thanks so much for sharing.

Rose said...

I love old photos especially when the ladies are wearing those wonderful hats! I used to have some photos of family like that. Will have to look and see if I can find them. Thanks for sharing!

ArtSnark said...

what fun! Thanks Pat

Dorthe said...

Thanks dear, they are so great, and funny.

whyte said...

Hope you can use them in something neat, if you do, post a link here! Would love to see your treasures!