Thursday, May 6, 2010

Join us for this week's Melange Mixed Media Challenge - Motherhood

The new challenge posted on the Melange Blog is Motherhood, the prompt word was selected by Melange Team member and mixed media artist Jodi Ohl of Sweet Repeats Jodi is graciously is donating a prize, the winner to be randomly selected among all mixed media artsists who submit work to this particular challenge.  Everyone is welcome and details are on the Melange Blog link.  Jodi resides in North Carolina and has been published in numberous mixed media art magazines such as Sommerset Studios, Cloth Paper and Scissors and in the very latest issue of Studios magazine, due on the stands in June.  Jodi, "big hugs and thanks" to you for your support to the Melange Blog and Team!

This is my Mom's Mom, my Granny, Alma.  I made this for my sister who graciously saves these wonderful matt board substrates that come in their deliveries at the hospital where she is a nurse.  Normally tossed out, you know I eat up any way to repurpose and recycle, so I love working on these heavy panels.  Gesso and take off!!  Her friends were curious as to what I was doing with them so I showed 'em! :)

My sis doesn't really remember my Granny, but she was a cuddle-always, attentive loving Grandmother, and I remember her so fondly. 

A very appropriate theme for this upcoming Mother's Day.  My own Mother is still with us to enjoy, and I so hope she'll have a wonderful day of fond memories of Granny.


Sue said...

What a lovely tribute to your Granny!


Kathy said...

Beautiful art and a beautiful story Jodi....a nice tribute to "granny".