Sunday, May 23, 2010

The First 'Mater!

This will be in tonight's salad!  Our first tomato!  Yes it has a boo boo but we still love it and are so proud.  I know this sounds laughable to Yankees, but in 42 years the only vegetable I was able to grow in FL was a bean.

These green peppers
are really starting to take off too. But they'll be red peppers if we let them ripen further; we like the red ones.

  These are a few of our container garden plants.  To the far left are two birds eye pepper plants. They are on their 3rd year, they just keep coming back!  I sell some of these seeds every year in my etsy shop because they are perfect for container gardening.  They take up to 120 days to germinate, but once they do, you'll have lots of very very hot, tiny red and green peppers everywhere.   

 Southerners might recognize the birds eyes as some of the peppers in the jar on the table at your local fav southern cookin' cafe.  For forever southern folk have made a liquor from white vinegar and whole small peppers.  Rob sprinkles it on his greens.
A big hug to Kim and Andy Bruner for sharing some of these pepper seeds from their Georgia garden.  To the right is a 2nd tomato plant, this one we pinched when just a seedling to experiment which one produced more 'maters.  'bout the same.

 The smaller plant to the left here is a jalapeno that thinks it's a cubanelle pepper.  (It is a cubanelle, some evil person put it on the same rack at Lowes with the jalapenos and Rob didn't realize it until he got home and read the tag in the pot. I'm pretty thrilled, he's not)

The larger is the green pepper plant.

And my beloved rosemary....I think we are on our 4th or 5th year with this plant.  We love using rosemary in so many recipes, a very very aromatic plant in a pot.

And the plant next to it is another bird's eye pepper from some seeds I threw in there a year ago, 2nd year for it to bloom and produce.

So there's our Florida garden, under screen on our back lanai.  We added the lanai over 10 years ago, it's 22 x 30, big enough for a pool, we just didn't want the pool!

  This is our lanai (in autumn and B.C.G., before container gardens), the majority of it has the screened roof, like a pool cage.  There is a small section under a solid roof which is my "photography" studio.  I take my etsy shop photos under roof because it acts like a cloudy day.....lots of light but not direct sun....and Photoshop takes care of tweaking if I need more light!

We love to sit here and enjoy a fire in the chiminea;  it's a great place for a toddy in the evening. In the morning, the coffee just tastes better out here for some reason!

See that long glider seat?........problems disappear quickly there! :)


ennadoolf said...

Lovely! We're going out to buy some tomato plants tomorrow and will be looking forward to harvesting them in the months to come. Enjoy yours!

Heather said...

I CAN NOT wait for my tomoatoes to start ripening!! We have a huge garden and I can't wait....I love all my fresh veggies. I also love your greenhouse!! said...

How lucky! We don't have our first tomato yet, I just can't wait!!

I saw your post on the Silver Bella site about blogging and had to come by to say hi.