Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our garden is up! WhoooooHoooooo!


Just a peak at our pot gardens....not that kind, tomatoes and peppers in pots on our screened lanai.  We have two tomato plants we are hiding from the hornworms.  See these flowers?  They will be delicious, juicy, fresh red tomatoes!

This is the "shorty" of the two.  Being a little stoopit we started two in one pot, ya know, so we'd have a back up if one, well... you know....croaked (shhhhh).  But we quickly realized we probably don't even have  large enough pots to grow one, so immediate transplant happened as they started growing; and they are!  Love it!


These are supposed to be jalepeño peppers started from another jalepeño pepper, tricky for novice beginners.  We're thinking it's looking more like sweet corn, don-no. There's this little teesie thing coming up too. Undetectible by the naked camera, it's our back up just in case this is corn.  This is Robbie project. 
Behold the green pepper!  I don't like green peppers but I like green peppers left to ripen that become red peppers and that's the plan here.
This is a mystery pepper and a great reason why you should never let the men go to Lowes by themselves for plants.  This was in the same row as the sign that said jalepeños, but upon reading the tag stuck in the pot at home, it declares Cubanelle.  Now I love Cubanelle, so there is no real problem here as far as I'm concerned.
We are babying these dolls, and checking about every 15 minutes to make sure the hornworms have not found them.  Yes they are totally contained within our screened lanai, but trust me, that means N-O-T-H-I-N-G to the green tomato hornworm.


ArtSnark said...

looking good!I always have a problem with aphids & peppers

Maureen said...

I'm jealous! Our greenhouses aren't even opened yet - it will be a while before I see any tomato blossoms!

ByNanasHands said...

To rid yourself of aphids one of 2 "eco friendly" things work best....pick up a package of ladybugs at your local garden center (our Home Depot carries them) or use a regular household liquid dish soap, just about 10-15 drops in a spray bottle with water...does the trick!

Beautiful plants Patricia...can't wait to get my garden going after we get back to Missouri!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,
how wonderfull and green it all looks, can`t wait here to get going,but it is far too cold,yet.

Lady Mudwerkes said...

Not fair our nursery's just started the veggie push this weekend~usually am told not to plant heat loving veggies until after Mother's Day.
I Love porches~Good Growing (((H)))