Saturday, March 27, 2010

Me.... at a Cooking Show?

Yes, at a point in my life where cooking is defined as "you cook, I don't feel like it" I drove right over to Daytona and the Peabody Auditorium to attend the Taste of Home (a magazine for those who are in the dark) Cooking Show last Saturday.  My friend Rose Mary and I started the morning with a fabulous breakfast at The Peach Valley CafĂ© in Ormond Beach.  That's also my idea of cooking, 3 fluffy eggs in a wrap with brie and a cup of fresh fruit and lots of black coffee.....all cooked by someone not me.

We skipped the vendors in the entry because there was enough of a crowd to make browsing annoying.  And I was prepared for bakery, restaurant, grocer, gourmet vendors....this was a cooking show after all.  Nopie.... jewelry, bra-strap clips, home decorating, but not even a cookie in sight.  So we found great seats in the balcony, rummaged through our goodie bags which were worth the price of the admission ticket and people watched until things got rolling.  As the show got started the MC asked if we enjoyed the vendors and "how 'bout that Gallo wine tasting booth, ya?"  What wine tasting booth?  Damn.

Our hostess had a wonderful sarcastic sense of humor so of course she passed muster with me.  She demonstrated over 10 recipes in 2 hours, all were included in a magazine from our goodie bags, and not all of them were healthy.....amen.  There were a few I will definitely try at home, most were cooked in one bowl or pan.....yippppeeee!

The completed delectibles were given away as door prizes to take home including some very nice plates, platter, containers, etc the dishes were presented on/in.  Everyone attending received a 1 year subscription to Taste of Home or Healthy Taste of Home (guess which one I chose).  There were several local merchants providing a great many door prizes but since I'm being saved for lotto, I was not a winner that afternoon.

It was a fun day, and when I got home Robbie zero'd in on a white chocolate lemon cheesecake recipe from the goodie bag and he's volunteered to make it this weekend.  The torch has been passed.  Men seem to enjoy cooking more as they get older, graduating from charcoal to the range.  I'm very glad.


dogdazzle said...

Sounds like great fun! I love Taste of Home!

Jessie said...

White chocolate lemon cheesecake? Holy cow, that sounds "eyes rolling back in your head" good!

Mary said...

sounds like a great day and i love your commentary ;-) i posted about you on my blog today, by the way

ArtSnark said...

Sounds fun! Popped by to wish you a happy Easter