Sunday, February 7, 2010

You know how some days are just super? And how there are just some super people in this world?


Now, there is a darn good story here, sit still for a few minutes and read through this today if you can.  Early last year, maybe even in 2008, one time, one day, killing time I didn't have, I ventured over to Pounce over at Etsy and after a few minutes ran into kris gaddis' photography.  I am not a photographer so I can not put a name to some of the photographs that stir my emotion.  I can describe it, hopefully without insult and that photographers everywhere will understand I know nada about camera or photographic techniques.  I can show you an example of kris' work to help. It's dichotomies in a theme, like in Homeless Shelter.  The picture of Jesus Christ with the neon cross in the background of Homeless Shelter expresses my emotions.  I love photographs with light play and amazingly, most of kris' photographs use the existing lighting available.  The starkness and glow of the neon in a normally reverent and subdued venue, the whole scene in a homeless shelter... stirs strong emotions.

                   Heart and Soul Homeless Shelter 1 by kris gaddis

kris was just opening up shop on etsy, I asked her a couple of questions about the Kelly Baker piece.  I fell in love with it, I mean I really loved it!  Like targeted it for my Most Wanted List.  However, buying artwork for me is on the back burner.  The economy is one reason I have more time to maintain my etsy shop, and I have not allowed myself the luxury of purchasing anything more than gifts for others or very small purchases of supplies or small ACEOs that help keep art collecting extremely low key. 

                      Horses 1, Serenity Horse Rescue by kris gaddis

kris has just recently been nominated to serve on the board for Serenity Horse Rescue . kris and her son not only donate funds, but time to Serenity.  And kris' 9 year old son uses the proceeds from the sale of his digital photography (also in kris' shop) to support his own blind horse, Bo.

                                    Night Abstract by kris' son

Now, a "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say. Over several months there were a handful of convos back and forth between kris and strangers other than some chats.  Last December out of the blue, I received a gift.  Kelley Baker. There have been several more pieces in kris' shop I fell in love with, in particular one from her shop banner that has a story that she needs to tell again someday if she can.  But Kelley was my fav.
                                    Mary Ann by kris gaddis

I was floored, appreciative, grateful, humble, stunned and one happy camper!!  I would peek into her shop every once in awhile with highly mixed emotions.  kris, an artist waiting for that first sale on etsy... I wanted it to be sold, for her.  I wanted it to be sold to me, however, and it was just not happening soon enough.  Now outside of the first convo, maybe two back and forth, I didn't dwell on Kelley Baker that I remember.  kris was very moved in a very spiritual way, she explained in a convo to me in December.  I was unprepared for her convo, it'd been awhile since we "talked".  I'm very moved by kris' dedication to neglected and abused animals, so with arm twisting we worked out a wonderful business arrangement. Kelley Baker has a very proud owner.  And more she has brought together two strangers in different states, who have common ground and passions.

Thank you kris!  For Kelley, for the work you do to help horses who need strong people, and for you and your son's powerful art!  Tell your son I think he is so blessed to have you for a Mom and an inspiration.

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Fabulous! suzie xxx

ArtSnark said...

Fantastic & fascinating post. Off to visit her shop

Brenda Lynn said...

Wonderful, Pat. Wonderful to have received such goodness in both hand and spirit. Wonderful artist, and wonderful post!

Linda Hardy said...

Wonderful artist Pat. Nice to meet her :)

Sant Angelo Designs said...

An interesting tale, Pat. Kris is quite talented and lucky to have hooked up with a person of your caliber.


Wow, what a great lady, love reading about helping the horses. I have a special fondness, and there is so many in different areas that need help. We have an adopted Standarbred, a breed that needs homes around the area we live.
Beautiful photo's , wonderful light.
Interesting, how a blind horse manages in the everyday world, my hats go off to someone that devotes the time and love that she shares with her son. thank you for an exceptional article. It was a pleasure to read.

Kathy said...

What a wonderful story. I know I have told you before you need to write a book, really! I loved hearing about Kris and her son. And I to will go and see her shop. I am sure she feels the same about you my Dear, just like me. You have a special place in my heart....

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

such a nice read, so heart warming. Her shop is very nice.

Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps said...

I started to get teary eyed! What wonderful circumstances in the end. Thank you for coming over to "visit" me. I have really missed you ladies. It seems like every time I think I will have the time to get back into the forums on Etsy something else needs my attention. Hopefully I will be able to be back soon. Oh and thank you for your wonderful comments, most of the time I feel like I have no clue as to what I'm doing so it is nice to read things like that every once in a while.