Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010, Cousin Biggie Visiting

Cousin Biggie is visiting this weekend 'cause his house is getting new wood flooring.  There was a fly-over by a jet formation on their way to the Daytona Speedway for the preliminary race ceremonies, we get a treat every year. We are on their flight path. Biggie didn't quite know what to think of those low flying noisy things.

But he lost interest in them as soon as the tennis ball appeared.  Have never met a Boxer who didn't love a toy, especially a good used tennis ball.  The Brute seems to be happy to share but then there is a compromise.  Mugsy and The Brute seem to think Biggie's bed is better so there is some tradeoffs to be paid

A good time was had by all.  As long as all got equal attention.  And treats.  And toy time.

.....And back rubs


Kyle said...

Biggie is home and has done nothing but sleep the past 24 hours. Thanks for watching him.

whyte said...

We kept him pretty busy! But there's no place like home! :)