Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scenes from Thanksgiving 2009 breakfast

As the family grows so do the places everyone needs to be. So some past traditions get expanded; but once in awhile there are some MIAs because of the need to be elsewhere.  So we added a new mix this year, (son) Kyle and (daughter-in-law) Natalie had breakfast at their home before everyone spread out for other destinations (interpret big dinner) later in the day.  Everyone brought a dish.....I brought my sis' hashbrown casserole, Rose Mary brought baked french toast, Dana brought cinnamon monkey bread, Emilie brought huge breakfast muffins and a sausage casserole, Nat made baked eggs with artichokes and spinach. Then we topped it off with juices, coffee, tea

and mimosas!  As I edited photos I realized I entirely missed photographing the wonderful food!  Probably because it didn't last too long!!  It was fabulous!  Don't get me wrong, I find no fault in places from Olive Garden to Ruths Chris' but by yumpin yims I adore potlucks.......the best recipes and home cookin' shine at a potluck, and Olive and Ruth can't hold a candle!

The kids always seem to entertain themselves just fine while the Moms are working on the meal.  The holiday Parades were on TV and some kids watched the floats with glee, other kids found joy without joysticks but with things that I never thought imaginable when I was a little tike.  I really was dying to try whatever that was, but couldn't get the real kids to part with it long enough!

We also entertained cheerleaders at breakfast, magnificent dancers who just abhor being the center of attention, very shy, but I did manage to draw her out a bit for one photo op. 
Now I am talking about the child on the left, not the right.  The kids on the right were begging to be the center of attention, in fact had to spend most of breakfast banned to the back room.  But once the food was gone we showered them with hugs and love.  Biggie was even willing to share his bone, Buster just wanted a place to lie down where he could see everyone. Bless Buster, he's right up there with me with aches and pains and tough to just move on some days!

Now, this guy....I put him to work when we got back home.  I actually thought I was going to get out of the entire Thanksgiving turkey, dressing, potato, cranberry scene, but he had such a long face when I discussed the possiblity of actually skipping the work since there was just the two of us later in the afternoon.  So.. you got it, I spent hours cooking but he did offer to help with dessert, this year we just stuck to simple apple pie instead of sweet potato and pecan.  I can always count on him to help!


Jan said...

Great Thanksgiving photo's!! Sweet memories! said...

Lovely pics! thanks for visiting my blog and writing such a lovely comment too! suzie. xxx

Kathy said...

Loved looking at your pics and seeing your family. Looks like a good time was had by all. You mean so much to me, and I am so happy that I call you friend!