Sunday, November 22, 2009

International Shipping

After mucho hours researching and re-aligning yesterday my shop Whyte is offering international shipping on almost all my treasures.  I actually have a wonderful Danish doll-maker and cyber friend, Dorthe to thank for lighting the fire to take the plunge in my own shop.  She patiently waited while I figured out the process to ship her some of my treasures several weeks ago.  I only goofed up the listing 1000 times before I got it right, but in the end it was an easy process and the items arrived in Denmark just fine in about a week.

It's incredibly surprising but almost all international shipping is the same cost USPS first class international rate.  There are separate rates for Canada and Mexico.  And there are 3rd party insurers out there who will insure international first class, which USPS does not, at this time.  Getting into Priority or Express does get very pricey, so stuck with the least expensive way to ship.  However, if I was shipping valuable and/or expensive items, one would surely want to consider those options.

And thanks to angellea on flickr for the use of her vintage image from her photostream!

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Dorthe said...

Hi sweet,Thankyou so much for mention me here.
Oh I`m so thankfull, for having been a little helper , because now I can order from you next time, without feeling bad about all the extra work ,you had first time.

And as you know,I love what I ordered from you,-- and everything is still her. But now, with christmas approaching ,I have to let go of some of the wonderfull tags, and so special little paper bags,with the combination card inside!!! Oh it will be hard to decide which to give away...
But I`m sure the reciever will love them too.

I wish you all the best for your "new shop" and hope many will find you, and the little wonders you do.

XOXO from Dorthe and Denmark