Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm a star for the day over at QueenBe's "house"

I am absolutely sure I first discovered this talented lady because of the title of her etsy shop, QueenBe's Altered Needs.......the word "altered" would have stopped me in my tracks since that is one of my current art buzz words and interests.  Well, thank you Mizz Carol, she has interviewed me and featured some of my work and etsy shop on her
QueenBe's blog this week. 

You bet I'm boasting....come on, I've never been interviewed and featured by anyone.  I love reading about what makes other people tick tock; and it's inspiration to encourage me to expand my blog and introduce readers to other interesting people.  Let's face it there are reasons blogs and social media like Facebook are so popular.....we all have a certain sense of voyeurism and a need to see if we relate to others, i.e., normal in our weirdness and quirks.  Easy to do if you like the same movie, love moon pies, or attended the same school. 

But what if you like to read obituaries but don't want to particularly tell the whole world you do this regularly?  And then you run into this blog post written by a cyber friend or a complete stranger and  whoa!  they read the obits, doesn't your heart rate go up just a tad?  And isn't there just a teensie little immediate thought......"I'm not so weird after all, 'cause someone else does (thinks, feels) this!!, yayyyyyy!!"

I think we all should become more nosey, but in a positive way.  We drive to work and average of 30 minutes to and from, and 5 gazillion vehichles are on the same freeway with us.  In each vehichle there is a least one intricate life and story, not just another car to pass by.  We lose touch with things around us. We are all so very busy in our own "world"; and that world is usually overflowing with responsibilities and fulfillment so that strangers become "things" not interesting stories.

Un, huh.......there are reasons social media is so hot right now, and I don't think it's all about re-connecting!


QueenBe said...

Pat, what an awesome thank-you! It was my pleasure to feature you. I can't think of anyone I would rather have everyone "get to know", or to shout out about your treasures. Thanks Pat!

Robin said...

Loved reading the interview and am a fan of both of you and Carol's blog.

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Pat:
I get it!!! The main reason I do not honk at cars is because what if they just had a bad day? I am now a fan of yours on Facebook too!
How cool is that to be featured and interviewed!!! Yeah for you : )
Yes, normal in our weirdness and quirks. It kind of validates us : ) in a good way!!!
have a great day

Dorthe said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks so much for´your so sweet comment,and
congrats on the wonderfull interview. I read it ,and love to feel that I`m learning you a bit more ,to know.
I see you have a very bussy day, and find it fantastic that you gets time to create beautifull stuff to sell, too.I so love what I bought from you, and find it hard to part with some items for friends in christmas-presents.
Well I`m sure to find new treasures in your Etsy shop again.
Hugs, Dorthe


Hello, I just popped over to see you and say thanks for your lovely messages on my stuffies. I'm grateful for a bit of feedback because I'm still a little unsure about my critters!

I enjoyed your post today



Hello again!

Actually I have THREE blogs! I don't post much on the "Stuffies". It's occasional, but there was a flurry of activity there this week because the stuffie got in CPS!

My other blog is more textiles and stitch:


Just thought you might like to see that one as well as it's more textiles more of the time. I'm doing colours studies there at the moment, but I'm back to my textile art work soon and also I do occasional free tutorials and workshops there

All for now, it's almost 11pm here in the UK, time for bed

Carolyn ♥

Kathy said...

I think your a star everyday!

ArtSnark said...

congrats :D