Monday, October 5, 2009

My friend Joyce's exquisite machine embroidery

My friend Joyce sent me this precious card as a "thank you" for helping her open her Etsy shop whitehouseweddings I know when I opened my shop, it took hours going through the Etsy help sections, forums, trials, errors and successes, not to mention tips to making one's shop a pleasant place for buyers to browse.  So I was more than happy to cut a bit of time off her venture and help her set up her shop.

She embroiders the treasures on her machine then presents them, as this one, on handmade paper.  The inside of the card is blank, but who could actually use this one as a card......this is framed and hanging in my home....selfishly coveting this for me!  There is a Harbor Seal card similar to this one for sale in her shop. Joyce also has her own website for her custom orders Joy's Keepsakes

Joyce is a fabulous seamstress and does custom orders locally for weddings, special events, and reconstructs heirloom clothing into mementos that last a lifetime. 

Thank you Joyce for such a precious and gorgeous handmade treasure!


carole said...

Hi Pat:
Wow, she certainly is good!!! I saw her seal card and her pumpkin on her etsy site and I am following her : )
Her website is awesome. I will go back and order some cards soon.
I would be like you and frame it and keep it!!!
Thanks for sharing with us

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

What a beautiful and adorable card! How original! I never send out anything anybody sends me and covet my treasures closely!
Thanks for the advice on my blog yesterday! We found a cracked window in the basement where mice might be pouring in by the millions, so sealed that up last night. Of course there are surely hundreds of other cracks in our old house!!
I'm trying the white vinegar to get rid of the smell, and amazingly it is working. I still, unfortunately, have no desire to go into my studio, though! I would love to have the desire to create again! Where is my inspiration??