Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have to share this new way to use paper scraps!!

My new cyberfriend, Nancy James, posted a link to her latest challenge entries called scraplings! Approximately 2.5" x 4.25" folded.  Of course being obsessed with using tiny bits of papers, this has gotten my attention immediately.  These are absolutely adorable, use the link to Sugar Lump Studios to check out more of these sweet scraplings of Nancy's. 

And Nancy, I thought that profile on your blog was you and a boxer!  We are boxer fanatics, we have two rescues at the moment...Mugsy and Brutus (not my choice of names, but have to admit their names fit them to a T)

I see "scraplings" in my future, along with "inchies" which I have yet to find time to create, too.  But I have all these little pieces of paper just waiting to be turned into something special like these delights from Nancy!


ArtSnark said...

cute piece

Nancy Maxwell James said...

awww Pat...thanks for the sweet write up...the cards are so simple to make and fun...I think that is why they will be a new addiction. Boxer Lovers unite! Hailey sends a big "wiggle" your way ;)

Dorthe said...

This is so very sweet Pat, and thanks for the adr. to schrapling studio.
Hugs ,Dorthe

whyte said...

Dorthe, you will love Nancy's site!