Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Christmas Tags from the Swap are Here!

The artists contributing to my first ever Christmas tag swap (in photo order top L and clockwise: Tamara Barker, Kim Geiser, Bridget Dorsa, Carol Berger, Kathy L, Aimée Wheaton, Nancy James, Pat May and Barbara Head) have been sending their outstanding creations to me over the last few weeks.  Everytime I opened a package there were these delightful, creative, original designs that just made me know I'm going to do this again and participate in others.  You artists are going to love your package when you get your's in return!  Some made 9 like-tags, others made each tag a different design.  I'm selecting with eyes closed because otherwise I'd go crazy deciding who gets what among those different designs.

What doesn't show up well in my photos is there are original watercolor tags, hand-drawn and painted tags, collage and mixed media tags, stamped and glittered and jeweled tags, and there is a set with this awesome yummy aroma of coffee and vanilla.

Thank you Carol Berger for the tips on how to organize a tag swap, your suggestions worked perfectly.  And thanks for each participant for being timely, for your generosity to me, and your new friendships since I only knew a few of you before this event!
Tamara’s blog
Tamara’s etsy shop
Carol's blog
Carol's etsy shop
Bridget’s blog
Bridget’s etsy shop
Bridget’s website
Kim’s blog
Kim’s etsy shop
Barb’s blog
Nancy’s blog
Nancy’s etsy shop
Nancy’s website
Kathy’s blog
Pat’s blog
Pat’s etsy shop
Aimée’s blog
Aimée’s etsy shop
Aimée’s website

I hope you enjoy these artists' websites, shops and blogs!


Bridget said...

Thank you so very much for blogging about the tag swap. I can't wait to get mine...and thanks for putting links to my sites.
big hugs,

QueenBe said...

WOW Pat, talk about organization! You always amaze me at how perfectly you present something, anything you work on you do it 110%! I am imoressed with how the tags look, and I cannot wait to get them in the mail. It will be like an early Chrisstmas. Maybe we can organize a swap circle like the one I keep reading about right now, sometime after the holidays. I will be writing about the tags I recieve in my blog soon! Carol

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Pat:
Your swap certainly is a winner. The women created some very pretty and unique tags!!!
Yeah for all of you!!!
Thank you for sharing with us : )

Nancy Maxwell James said...

thanks so much for allowing me to come and play with this group! :) I am enjoying getting to know you and can't wait to see everyones creations! :) Hailey says hello! :)

Rayann said...

awesome you guys! sorry to miss this one during a busy time for me. I would love to get in on a valentine one if you do it

ByNanasHands said...

What a wonderful thing to do. It appears that each Artist tried to outdo the last! Beautiful work are all truly talented!!

whyte said...

Thanks for your comments! It was a great time and I had fun creating mine And discovered when you have nine people total everyone only has to make 8 I was never good in math so this is no great shock to some I suppose, but the good news is everyone will get a double of someone's tag.

Brutus, Mugsy and Pat are waving at Hailey (I learned through the tag swap that Kathy James is boxer crazy too!)

Carole, Rayann and Nana, there will be more, I'd be glad to contact you. Nana, lots of artists use fabric and sewing on the tags, so you might consider joining us next time since you are so very talented with the needle!

ArtSnark said...


QueenBe said...

Pat, you were right... they are outstanding! What a thrill to open the package that contained the ones I received! I am blogging about it now!

GypsyNurse said...

Pat.. I see I found more Queens..hehehehe



Em-illi said...

Hi, it´s very nice and inspiring!:)

Dorthe said...

Wow, so many wonderfull tags, arrived to you, such a great swap to doo Pat, all of them so great.