Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who thought this one up?

I was cleaning up after dinner last night and frustratingly trying to cover a platter of leftover roast with standard foil.  It never works.  Who decided foil and plastic wrap should be 12" wide? And can't Velvetta change their terrible ancient packaging and come up with a cheese package that is resealable? 

And some other head scratchers on an early Saturday morning:      Who thought up
1. 1 tablespoon of solid anti-perspirant packed into the very top of a 4" long plastic applicator.
2. "Tear here" that never does.
3.  blister wrap.
4.  unsealable cookie and cracker packages. Can you say stale in 1 hour?  You have to eat 1/2 the package (and lucky for my family I'm willing to sacrifice) to have enough leftover packaging to roll down and clip.  Or take out the molded styrene to do same.
5.  1/2" of liptsick in a 2" tube, with 1/2" of lipstick in the bottom you can't use. 
6.  I have never, ever used up an entire bottle of nail polish.....ever.  It turns to cement first.
7.  mixed bird seed.  This is a scam to create weeds.  No bird that has ever visited my diner has eaten anything but the sunflower seeds, the squirrels are not stoopit either.  
8.  canned cat food pop-top lids......lethal weapons.
9.  and while we're on pets...dry dog food bags with "pull string here"...has anyone ever gotten that one to time in 61 years for me. Pedigree (yayyyyy) has finally added a ziplock.
10. super glue screw-on caps.......think about it.

Ok, sun's up, time to hit the weekend chores and filling up garbage cans lined with garbage bags with pulled weeds and clippings. I've fooled them on this one.......bungee chords around the top of the can. 


Run Lori Run said...

This made me smile this morning! Ha!

Kathy said...

Wow Pat...
Some very good food for thought there.....

ArtSnark said...

great list. Too true

How about canned stuff (like coke) that say "2 servings" on side?!