Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm hosting an Artists Christmas Tag Swap! Need 4 Artisans to Join Us!

I'm swimming in shipping tags!  Really!  I can't pass up buying in bulk when I only need 10 of something.  I bought 2.5" x 4.75" (close enough) manila tags at ULINE almost 2 years ago and feel like I've already used 1000 of them, and still have a huge box left.  So my friend Carol Berger said "ya gotta have a swap"!  She just finished a swap and I missed her sign-up, darn it. So we're solving that right now!  Here's the results of Carol's swap featured at her blog QueenBeAlteredNeeds  Enjoy her spooky ready-for-Halloween blog too!
I have already saved a spot for Carol who has graciously guided me through how to do my first swap.  And there were 2 other disappointed artisans besides me that missed her announcement so we've filled 4 spots and need 4 additional comitted and easily-excited artists to complete the fun.

Your medium is your choice: mixed media, photography, collage, orginal, prints, primitive, each different, each alike, loose rules for that criteria as long as it is an artistic expression and long as it shares the spirit of the holiday.

To the first 4 who leave comments here that they comitt to participate, we are thrilled to have you join!  please go to my side bar and email me a physical mailing address where I can mail your 8 blank tags.  I will need all 8 completed tags mailed back to me no later than October 15th and I'm holding your feet to the fire on that deadline.  That should give everyone 3 weeks to finish their tags and mail back to me.

Then I'll divide and mail out 8 completed and different tags to each participant.  The only expense you will have is to mail your finished tags back to me.  Instead of  asking you to contribute financially to other mailing expenses and the tags, I would really appreciate a selfless plug about my etsy shop on your blog or your flickr, or among FB friends, twitter whatever opportunity you have to spread the news about a listing (your choice) in my shop after the swap is complete and you are satisfied.  I can't buy better advertising, so it seems like a great compromise if you're willing to accomodate my request. 

Looking forward to some fun and sharing art! 


Persimmons Gal said...

Hey Pat I would love to do this...I do have my own tags!

kathy said...

Hi PAT < was sent to your blog by your friend that had the tag swap -- She visited my blog and mentioned I might want to do your tag swap -- Don't know whose blog I found her on -- Maybe yapping cat -- praying for her friend . I also have tags myself and that would save you the postage-since I am a certified tag a-holic - lol -- you can tell me the size of the tags you want to use -- Love your tag making ideas -- very cute and the envelopes are darling -- I also use them to make little books for kids I teach at a mission church they love decorating them and I put little scripture cards inside -- --
You can let me know if you still have a space available -- Kathy - ga --

whyte said...

Kim, wonderful you are number 5! and Kathy number #6, so glad to have you!! You're welcome to use your own shipping tags, the ones I'm offering to send out are those in the blog photo and the size is indicated in the write up. Either way is fine with me, your's or mine.

I need 2 more participants and then we'll start the clock and I'll mail out to those who need them!!

CreativeFlutter said...

Hi Pat! Count me in!!!! I've never done a tag swap, sounds fun!!!!

whyte said...

You're in Aimée! Room for one more if anyone knows someone interested!!

kathy said...

Great -- got the e mail so quickly -- and see we have others also -- Will be fun !!!-
Kathy - ga ♥

whyte said...

Tamara Barker you're in......sorry you had problems posting but glad you got ahold of me!!

That's it friends this tag swap is filled up, gosh it went so fast. I'll get those who need the tags out in the mail in the next day or so, and I'll make sure everyone has my physical mailing address.

Don't forget to send me yours either thru my email link here or convo me at etsy.

whooooooohooooooo, jingle bell!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Pat, What a fun swap you're having for the participants!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog through Carole of Bohemian Market, and leaving your lovely comment! I'm really glad you stopped by so I could visit your beautiful blog!
Thanks for entering in my giveaway, Good Luck!
Hugs, Carol Anne

Barb said...

Sooo sorry I did not see your post in time to participate. :( I took part in Carol's recent tag swap and was delighted with the results.
Have fun,
Barb in Texas

carole said...

Hi Pat:
Well I missed your swap : (
I will be first in line for your next one : )
I just bought your chili peppers off Etsy : )
Have a great swap!!!

Bridget said...

I just blogged about my tags for this swap...