Saturday, July 25, 2009

As promised, the Mustard Jar Club!

Well at my age I probably shouldn't write things like "I think I've died and gone to Heaven" so I won't. Let's just say I received the brand new Stampington Publication Green Craft in the mail last week, and it's me. I mean it is really *me*. I've been repurposing trash into craft and art for a long time. I thought I was a little nutty and way too obsessed with thriftiness and not wishing to waste perfectly good stuff, and now I find like-nutties who feel the same.

Artist and contributor Lisa Guerin can be President of my Mustard Jar Club (ficticious club, by the way) Her article "Bottles Full of Charm" made me proud of a grocery glass jar collection that is over-running my kitchen cabinet, the camping grounds for jars used in several treasures shown here from my etsy shop whyte

Artist Chisten Olivarez made me swoon while reading her article " For the Love of Tin". I'm nominating her VP of my Mustard Jar Club. She's obsessed with tin soup cans, instant coffee tins and I think I recognize a La Costena green salsa tin....yep, perfect!

Jenny Doh, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Publishing for Stampington & Company repurposed a few of her vintage paint them Jenny! Oh my, she's nominated to be Treasurer of my MJ Club, she'll love the vintage silverware I alter and turn into artwork, and now I have to do more spoons, forks and knives and get them into my shop! This vintage spoon flew out of my esty shop hours after listing on etsy.

Do we have some vintage flower "frogs" holding up vintage photos in our studios? Yes! Yes! Yes! We of the Mustard Jar Club do!

And Becky Shander, oh dear Becky... you, my dear, are nominated for the Grand Poupon Exemplaress of the have shared my playfulness for repurposing used dryer sheets....I adore the texture created with sheets adhered to my gift and journal tags, using gel medium to lay down for a wonderful substrate for collage and mixed media. (I was kinda hoping this wouldn't come out though, Becky. So many have asked me what that wonderful texture is. I've been telling them I was gathering spider web silk in the middle of the night during full moons and with a secret process, whispered to me by faeries so that I may create this marvelous "paper".

My nomination for the Mustard Jar Secretary is Jennifer Kline, an artist who repurposes wool sweater cuffs into coffee cozies. Jennifer, you devil, I'd bet you'd like my votive candle holder sleeves made from cast-off sock tops wouldn't you?!

If you have the same genes we in the Mustard Jar Club do, you'll love dryer lint, repurposing and fusing plastic grocery bags into new eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags, using old clothing to create new art and treasures. Thank you Jane Pierce and Cynthia Shaffer for such wonderful creative uses for favorite old T-shirts!! Who knew?!!! Colette Copeland, your precious packages for gifting are adorable, I knew, but you've taken it to another level!! And there is much more in this issue of Green Craft!

I've devoured this brand new publication once this week, I'm going back for seconds this evening!


Cat (darklingwoods) said...

What a wonderful magazine, I'll have to look for that (I'm an art teacher so I keep an eye out for green and budget wise projects :)

Becky Shander said...

Hi Pat,

So very glad to hear that you enjoyed the
GreenCraft(with my work examples)issue. Love that you share my passion for working with green materials.

Go Green!