Monday, May 25, 2009

This was fun to do!

This little blue bling box has been lonely in my etsy shop, whyte for quite some time; the listing was about to expire. So over the weekend I filled it with handmade treasures, along with various supply overflow from my years of crafting and creating. I had the best time choosing and coordinating the treasures to go inside. Whipped up the little muslin, hand-stamped-with-a-bunny bag from my stash of fabric stored in my antique steamer trunk. Some of the bulkier embellishment are snuggled inside there. I love Bazille stock (brown tags) and have a hard time making that first punch; you know....that it's-too-pretty-to-use thingie we get sometimes. And once again, I put a couple of my new clear stamps into use...the crown and *divine* stamps used together. One of the neat things about the clear stamps, besides being able to see where you position them, is that you can combine several of the stamps onto the clear stamping block, so the variations of designs grow as you add more clear stamps to your collections. I'm hooked and can't imagine buying another wooden stamp in this lifetime, but ya never say never, right?

What amazed me was how many little prizes I could put into this little 4"x4" repurposed jewerly box! The contents will be more than adequate to create six (6) 3"x3" heavy stock gift tags, including cutsie little envelopes for them. The creator only need add scissors and a glue stick.

Now, there is this green bling tin that has also been languishing in my shop for awhile, so I'm going to have some more fun this week.

Calling some etsians....I need some more of those little glass vials so if you carry in your shop, feel free to leave a comment!


ArtSnark said...

lots of inspiration tucked into that box ;D

Carol said...

I love all the little treasures you can fit it your box. I am a box lover and an embellisher as well!