Sunday, May 3, 2009

My entry in 4-29-09 Melange Team challenge!

Better late than never! My muse was sleeping most of last week, but when she awoke she said to try something totally different, so I listened. This is dedicated to us gals who love Girls Night Out! My group can close down a restaurant in wee hours, noisily out laugh any unruly child in the place, and we flat out can't wait to gossip; we mince no words nor make any apologies! Most of us know each other through a common business connection over the years, the real estate profession. And, most of us have cried together a LOT lately, the real estate market being in the tank! We've all celebrated grandchildren, weddings, promotions, sales and business, and we all comisserate during divorces, job losses, illnesses and trauma. But damn we all love a good margarita! So here's to my Gals! Cheers!

I finally decided to play with Ranger inks and some old silver. I didn't have the heart to polish it, I love anything with patina. The free gypsy image on the tags is from Suzee Que on Flickr . And this treasure has already sold in my Etsy shop, whyte


Linda Hardy said...

Fabulous job and interpretation!

suepelletierlaughpaint said... the spoon idea....FUN!!!

Barbara LuCore said...

Your challenge pieces are beautiful! I love your blog!

Kathy said...

WooHoo Pat~
I think we have the same "girls". We tease that we will need POISE pads soon, coz we laugh so much, someone is bound to Pee their pants soon. We are still to young for Depends.... but we are getting there.
Love you piece and your post.


This is so wonderful and unique...I LOVE it....and I feel the same way about girls' night out...I am also a fan of the "girl's weekend" :)

ArtSnark said...

Really cool! Is there a sealant on the ink or will it last on its own?

whyte said...

Stacey, not yet; funny you mention that, I was just thinking while pruning shrubs, "I should seal that." If you don't see it in my shop you'll know the sealant ruined it! LOL!

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! It's good to be "gals"!

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Oh my gosh Pat. Brilliant! Brilliant idea, you even did the back of the spoon. If these don't take off and sell, well, I don't know.....they certainly should. So unique and who doesn't have a night out every now and again. Good, good job.

Lucy said...

Love the unique interpretation Pat!!! You did a beautiful job!