Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last week's Treasury on Etsy

Made this Treasury that posted on etsy last week and think it's my yummiest so far. The magnolias are blooming on our huge tree on the side of the house and the air is full of their lemony aroma. The magnolia tree in the front lawn was damaged by hurricanes in 2004 and we decided for the good of the house it needed to come out. I had a large 2-seater wooden swing underneath the canopy and there was so much shade you could sit there on the hottest summer day, relax with a glass of sweet tea, and read a book or a magazine. We replaced the wooden swing with a bronzed aluminum doohiggie from Lowes with it's own shaded cover and padded seats. This one is much more comfy, but not quite the same as swinging on the wooden one under the missing magnolia tree.

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ArtSnark said...

So sad about your magnolia. They are such wonderful trees. Gorgeous treasury