Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fresh Oysters and Shrimp--Yummmmmm!

Just when I was wondering this afternoon what to write about on my blog, DH not only provided me with subject matter but a wonderful surprise and treat! We tailgated, dining on fresh shrimp and oysters this evening! His work took him near Titusville today (ya know where Kennedy Space Center is located, right?) so he decided to visit one of our favorite seafood markets, Wild Ocean Seafood, which just happens (as we've been told) to be the supplier for Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant. Anyone who has visited Titusville and loves seafood has probably eaten at DC! They are famous for their rock shrimp, when in season. The shimp that look very ribbed in the photo are rock shrimp and if you like lobster you'll love rock shrimp. Just bring on the butter!

And if that treat wasn't enough he brought back a half bushell of oysters and we threw everything on the grill. We love oysters raw, steamed, baked, just about anyway you can think of fixing them. Our favorite way (because they are messy) is just to throw the whole oyster shells on our smoker (lid down) for about 10 minutes, then start shucking. Bring out the hot sauce and crackers and eat em right out of the shells!

These oysters were from Apalachicola in the Gulf, fab oyster beds. The oysters right in our area come out of the Indian River (the Intercoastal) on the Atlantic from Daytona down south to Oak Hill and Titusville. But the '04 hurricanes destroyed the oyster beds, infusing too much fresh water into the beds. They are barely making a comeback now. Oakhill FL is a must for anyone looking to go shrimping. Boat, powerful spotlight, nets, coolers and a brew in the middle of the night will usually net you the limit. If not, and you're down on your luck, some of the shrimp boats cruising into port may share. Act really bummed out, and tell the captain you were out for hours and hours and only netted 10 shrimp. It helps to hide your husband under the tarp, too.


The Decorated House, Donna Courtney said...

Hi Pat~
Love your tickets! They turned out great.

I grew up in Titusville. Of course the famous seafood restaurant and that fish market wasn't there then. Although I like small towns, I don't miss being there at all. But I do miss the beach being so close by.


Renée Gandy said...

this brings back memories of the years we lived in Jacksonville in the mid 70's..we used to have the most wonderful and fresh seafood back then. Hubby bought it straight off the boats in those days.

Marie Reed said...

I do know where Titusville is! We went on vacation there a couple years in a row when I was a tadpole! The memorioes that I have of Kennedy Space Center are very powerful! Yummy blog:)

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Wow, I wish I had been there. This looks like so much fun. Did you save those shells? You neva neva know when they might come in

whyte said...

Actually I've been staring at a couple of the larger shells since last night...thinking thinking thinking. But hubby crushes them and puts them at the end of our drive where it evaporates onto a sand road. So it'd be a fight! LOL!