Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meeting Talented Artists!

Just a short time ago my son was wed to a princess we have known for several years. Her Mother, Rose Mary, is a wedding planner! Now how convenient is that?! We've known Rose Mary (and family) for the years we've known her daughter but I didn't realize the extent of the artistic talent Rose Mary possessed until the wedding. The Thank You notes to the left were designed by Rose Mary in Photoshop from a photo of the bride's bouquet with the paint feature in PS. She also included stylized designs from the bride-and-groom's head table centerpieces, themed with starfish and sand dollars. It was an amazing gift to receive after the wedding!

And it doesn't stop there. Rose Mary is an accomplished calligraphist. She addressed the wedding invitations mailed out to guests and the place cards for the reception. I am trying to talk Rose Mary into opening a shop on etsy, but between her work as a successful wedding planner and her family, her time has not found its way to etsy yet.

And through Rose Mary I met another very talented lady, Joyce who altered Rose Mary's wedding dress for the bride to wear, doing absolutely exquisite embroidery work. Joyce altered the train and created a clutch from the fabric and lace. Joyce has given a lot of thought to opening a shop on etsy so perhaps you'll meet her soon yourselves. She embroidered the handkerchief, a gift from my son and his bride to me.

Both Rose Mary and Joyce work in the Daytona Beach and surrounding area. If you are planning a wedding at the beach (or literally on the beach) think of Rose Mary to help plan and perform your wedding! Hugs to both Rose Mary and Joyce for making my son's wedding a true dream and fantasy. It was said quite a few times by many there, "It was perfect!"