Sunday, April 19, 2009


Very strange day. Urge to purge, so attacking cabinets and cleaning out stuff.

Went to toss an old pump of my favorite hand cream, Crabtree and Evelyn’s La Source, but before I did I pulled out the pump and used this little glob on the end of the pump. Ya can’t see in there because C&E bottle is an aluminum one, and there is no light getting in that dude so just turned it up side down for awhile. Holy Cow, there’s enough lotion in the bottom beyond the reach of the pump to keep me in hand lotion for a minimum of another month!

Now I realize I’m not the only person to ever discover this trick, in fact I’ve been turning ketchup bottles upside down on top of the new ketchup bottles for years. It’s not just the economy stupid, it’s an obsession with not wasting perfectly good stuff. But since the economy has put a vice on us, I’ve even become more fanatical and getting a bit torqued over some packaging out there. Why is there more plastic than deodorant in a stick? Have you ever noticed? There is ¼ inch of solid deodorant and 4 inches of plastic to push it up. Do you realize that a toothpick wielded cautiously could extract enough solid deodorant to get another 7 days worth. Just plop the gunk on top of the new gunk in the new dispenser. It melts and conforms very nicely from the heat of your finger.

And there is also almost an entire tube of lipstick down below the “end of the line” of your favorite color. I’ve found plastic contact lens cases to be great containers for lipstick, just use a brush to apply. Heck make your own colors by mixing a couple!

So, think about draining laundry detergent bottles right into your washing machine, just prop for about 30 minutes against the agitator, balance shampoos and conditioners on new bottles, any liquid that moves at the speed of your child cleaning his/her room can be "milked for more" by turning upside down.

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Hi pat....your blog looks great only 1 week??? wow!!! i added your blog under my fav. places!
good luck...let me know any tips, as the blog thing is fun but a bit tricky for me!
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